Our Team

Meet our dedicated team members and managers! We pride ourselves in having a team that includes some of the most talented and experienced individuals in the industry. Web-Elites Inc.'s goal is to always make sure clients get cutting-edge, highly professional services to their utmost satisfaction. We are proud to have been able to consistently achieve that, thanks to our highly experienced, organized & co-ordinated, hard working team members.


Founder, President & General Manager: Bassam Saeed

Founder & CEO of Web-Elites Inc. Bassam is also the founder & CEO of the sister company, Excelled Marketing Inc.

Bassam holds degrees in both Computer Engineering as well as Business Management & Marketing, from both the Universities of Toronto and British Columbia.

He started his entrepreneurship career online at a young age (22), where he gradually started making a very comfortable living as a professional marketer. After a few years, he eventually quit his traditional 9 to 5 daytime job at the company he used to work for, to solely focus and expand on his own businesses.

Soon, he launched the two companies, as well as a few other business ventures with track records of excellent performance.

"We strive to be the best in whatever we take on", he states. Bassam also adds: "Success lies within working among dedicated and motivated workmates. I'm happy to say I'm so proud of our team & what we have achieved so far. We work as a tight family and always make sure our clients leave happy".

Web Design Manager: James Peterson

James is our Web Design Manager.

James has been personally responsible for over 110 live web sites, and produced well over 350 in his seven and a half years of work.

James brings his knowledge to our web design team and uses his skills and experience to help provide our clients the best service to their utmost satisfaction. He enjoys challenges and can work to very tight deadlines whether leading a team, as part of a team or completely individually.

James advocates clean, accessible, valid web designs and have a sharp attention to details including search engine optimization best practices, usability and user experience.

A very creative designer who usually comes up with totally unique and interesting design concepts, that our clients fall in love with and which our company is so proud of.

SEO & E-Marketing Manager: Kim Lee Andrews

Kim leads our SEO & E-Marketing team.

A dedicated, hard working and influential manager, Kim brings incredible search engine optimization and online marketing skill sets to the table. This helps our clients obtain and maintain the coveted Top Ranking placements in Google's organic search engine results.

Her ability to keep up with the constant changes in the search engine marketing world/algorithms, new acceptable practices.. etc. and adapt accordingly has proven to be incredible.

In addition, Kim is also an expert in all other forms of internet marketing and lead generation methods.

She usually comes up with great ideas, techniques and marketing ideas that take advantage of the different online marketing platforms. Kim does that in the most effective way that suits the type of requirements of our clients and their businesses. Her skills have always been the admiration of our clients.

Development & Programming Manager: Sushil Kumar

Sushil is a senior web designer and developer at Web-Elites Inc. He is our Web Development & Programming Manager.

Sushil has extensive experience, of over 6+ years, in web design and professional website development, with a focus on using Perl and PostgreSQL. He works mostly on scripting, coding, development, testing, debugging, documentation and other tasks related to programming and database driven websites.

In addition to that, to date, Sushil has created a multitude of successful interactive applications, shopping cart programs and complex shipping modules for clients. A confessed sci fi junky, Sushil brings his imagination for how things could be to the reality of today, often creating new applications based solely on a client's vision.

A regular contributor to the Open Source software community, and now maintains dozens of Perl module distributions on CPAN.

Sushil enjoys improving Web-Elite’s technical development through his work on quality assurance tools and researching best practices.

Social Media Marketing Manager: Anna Riley

Anna is our top social media expert and leads our Social Media & Web 2.0 Marketing team.

With over 9+ years of experience in the field, Anna has a passion for social media and boasts great skills at modernizing marketing, communications and branding for contemporary audiences and social trends.

As we know, the benefits of a well-structured and planned social media marketing campaign are no longer just theoretical, but entirely proven. Businesses and brands of all sizes can tap into the power of social media to raise awareness of their products and services, boost sales and deliver fantastic customer support.

Some of the expertise Anna brings to business includes: marketing assessments, social media presence expert advice, Facebook marketing, Twitter and Youtube promotions, vertical search, lead generation, content authoring / optimization and syndication, usability, reputation repair and management, blogging, link earning, submissions, social stimulus and mores.




Alina Cornel - (Graphics Designer):
Alina is an experienced web graphics designer. She creates creative website graphics and brand identities that position our clients above their competitors, ultimately increasing their profits.

Her work is successful because she makes it less about her, and more about our clients; about their requirements, the direction their companies are heading and about their satisfaction and the success they will achieve. Not only do the graphics and brand identities she designs ensure our clients stand-out, they also provide visual expressions that stand the test of time, enabling clients to engage and connect with their own customers more effectively than ever before.

Mike Rodney - (Senior Developer & Programmer):
Mike is a Senior Developer & Programmer at Web-Elites Inc. He works mostly on scripting, coding, development, testing, debugging, documentation and other tasks related to programming and database driven websites. A 2003 graduate of University of Alberta - Edmonton, Mike is also starting to get involved in open source software development, principally with the PostgreSQL database management system.

When he’s not doing computer work, Mike enjoys doing martial arts and motorcycling. He is also a big fan of college football and basketball.

Kevin Morrison - (Copywriter):
Kevin is our in-house copywriting expert. He is a copywriter and marketing consultant with over a decade of experience in online marketing, business-to-business, high-tech, and direct marketing.

Kevin, has written well over 110 copies for our clients and in the thousands before he worked with us. He is the "go to guy" when you want copy that sells.

Kevin is one of the top recommendations for most online merchants who want to sell their products and/or services online. He is well known for having previous clients come back again looking for more of his work.

Natalie Willard - (Web Designer):
Natalie joined the design staff at Excelled Marketing (our older sister company) in early 2009, after completing several successful freelance projects and a brief stint at another web design firm.

A graduate of Ohio University School, with an Associate's Degree in Visual Communications, Natalie  originally hoped to work in the world of print design, but found more opportunities to work in the web design field.

A quick learner, Natalie has easily adapted to designing for the web and enjoys the challenges it brings. Currently, Natalie creates conceptual designs, eye-catching logos, and "build-outs". She also takes care of many updates for client sites.

In her spare time, Natalie enjoys making home decorations and improvement, swimming, hiking and the outdoors.

Chad Stanley - (Head of Technical & Functional Support):
Chad is a System Administrator and Head of our Technical and Functional Support at Web-Elites Inc. He brings to the table a great deal of extensive experience in the technical and functional support field.

Recently moved to Vancouver from Toronto, Chad is enjoying the canoeing, hiking, and camping readily available in the surrounding environs. Chad is also a trained and certified masseur, an avid photographer, a video gamer, a gadget geek and a budding hockey fan. But only occasionally all five at once.

David Christopher - (Web Designer):
David is an incredibly creative Web Designer at Web-Elites Inc., where he designs client websites in a talented professional way. He has experience with a variety of website projects and enjoys working with non-profits to provide them with effective online communications.

A transplant to the Florida area from Blacksburg, Virginia, he is still wondering where all the mountains have gone. David enjoys reading, singing (yes he does!), spending time outdoors, and relaxing with family.

Linda Jared - (Senior Application & Web 2.0 Developer):
Linda is a graduate of Seattle university. She joined our older sister company Excelled Marketing in 2009, then moved on to work with Web-Elites Inc. She was one of the very first employees of Excelled Marketing. Her initial role was an application and Web 2.0 Developer. Today, Linda also assists in the ongoing maintenance of client sites. She also designs the company newsletters, works on our social media campaigns and is the go to gal for random tasks.

In her spare time she and her BF Ryan, take many vacations around the country/world to visit golf courses, baseball stadiums and partake of the local sports bar beers.

Lance Francis - (Web Hosting Support Manager):
Lance is our new Web Hosting Support Manager. Whenever he is not busy with his various duties, he can generally be found writing, recording, and producing music locally with his constantly evolving musical persona/adventure/experiment, Soul Marrow Transplant.

Along with David (our talented web designer), they have a lot of fun together at spare time, sharing their music passion. Lance is always looking to expand his understanding and horizons. He enjoys pondering the infinite, oftentimes doing so while guiding a kayak down the Whitewater River.