Privacy Policy

Collection of Routine Information. © takes all privacy issues seriously. Privacy Policy gives description to the following: any personal info we gather and the way it is used by us.

All online servers gather basic info related to their website/s' visitors. Such info includes, however, isn't limited to: details of browser, IP addresses, referring sites and pages as well as timestamps. Not a single bit of this info can lead to personally identifying any specific reader or visitor that arrives to this website. The info is being monitored for administration needs as well as maintenance purposes, that is carried out routinely.

Cookies and (Website-Beacons). ©, where necessary, uses cookies for the purpose of gathering info about visitors' preferences as well as history, for the purpose of providing better service to the particular visitor, geared towards their interest.

Advertising partners, as well as other 3rd parties, might also make use of scripts, cookiess and/or (website-beacons), to monitor visitors to our site, ads plus other useful info. This sort of tracking, or monitoring, is directly done by 3rd parties via their personal servers. It, therefore, depends on their privacy policies.

Privacy Controlling.

Note about disabling browser settings, cookies, and privacy concerns: We do not recommend to deactivate cookies "for all websites", just because it might interfere with or negatively affect the browsing experience of some websites. The best solution is to deactivate or activate cookies on each individual site. Refer to your browser instructions to disable cookies and other tracking methods if needed.


For more information, or if you have problems or questions about this privacy policy, you can send a message to the email address below:

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